Significantly Increase Consent Stability

The Problem

Consent based on 3rd party cookies is a problem, after 24h only about 30% of 3rd party cookies are still viable

Situation is deteriorating as more browsers block 3rd party cookies by default and use of ad-blockers increases (up to 39% users in UK)

Clearly Internet users will quickly become frustrated having to renew Consent every time they return to a site


Our Solution – 1stPartyListener

Deploying our 1stPartyListener.js is easy: you just have to serve a tiny snippet of pure JavaScript code. Then our AppConsent notice will detect if the tool is up and running.

If True, the notice will use 1st Party LocalStorage and 1st Party Cookie to stabilize the usability of the consents given by the user (approx. 80% stability after 24 hours) = major increase in user satisfaction!

If False, the AppConsent notice will fallback in 3rd Party behavior.