Permissionned BlockChain Powered

Thanks to our proprietary technology on top of Hyperledger (TM) , user consents/widthraw fingerprint will be stored in our ledgers.

  • Private Blockchains at scale
  • Propulsed by a  Fully Elastic Platform designed by Chandago ®
  • Micro – services designed
  • Privacy by Design and By Default




  • Governance: Only identified participants can interact and participate to the consensus *.
  • Energy: Low power consumption compared to public blockchains like bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Consortium / Co-op: Participants may choose to give access to their respective assets.
  • CodeChain/SmartContract: Immutability of code and assets.

* We can adapt the consensus in regards of the sensitivities of the transactions and data.


HyperLedger is incubated by the Linux Fundation, supported by IBM, Accenture, American Express, AirBus, SAP, Cisco, Baidu , NEC, JP.Morgan, Fujitsu , BNP, Deloitte, EY and +100 Tech/FinTech/AdTech companies.